terça-feira, 4 de agosto de 2009

Bang Bang Bazooka - s/t

Bang Bang Bazooka - s/t

01 Wild One
02 Dirty Hound
03 I'm Gonna Love You Too
04 Stop It Baby
05 Cheetah Man
06 Rockin' Shock
07 Drive
08 Rocky Mountain Blues
09 Goldrush
10 Red Dress
11 The Blues That I Hate
12 Black Widow
13 Vampire

Dirty Hound / faixa 02 do cd



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Bayonbilly disse...

Wonderfull band, I wanna recomend the another albums: TRUE REBEL and HELL YEAH¡¡ because BANG BANG BAZOOKA makes a music that you can´t hear more one time, no, you must hear along year ago and it´s better than the first time... (do you understand me¿....)