quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2009

Besthöven - Blood,Pain,Death and Destruction

Besthöven - Blood,Pain,Death and Destruction

01 Quando Pixotes Morrem
02 A Lei do Mais Fraco
03 Victims of Another Bombardment
04 Eyes Covered in Blood
05 A Sky Obscured by Death
06 A Maldição dos Corvos
07 Blood,Pain,Death and Destruction
08 Momentos de Agonia
09 Caminhando Sobre os Mortos
10 Pay in Silence
11 Multidões Envelhecidas
12 Os Ultimos Instantes
13 Disgrace and Destruction
14 Mania for War
15 A Sinister Scream of Anguish in the Darkness
16 When the Scars are Forever
17 Women's Tear
18 No Solution for Human Race
19 Running to the Shelter
20 Like a Bad Dream
21 The Fear and Threat of War
22 God of War
23 War Without Truce...People Without Peace
24 Just Suffering and Death
25 Police Bastard (Doom)




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gracias x el disco de besthoven es lo mejor i saludos desde tijuana mexico fuck