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V/A - Ataque Rockabilly Vol.03

V/A - Ataque Rockabilly Vol.03

Phantom Rockers
01 Mexico
23 Stay Wild

Luxurious Phanters
02 Low Life of Luxury
20 Hurt Me

Chadd Thomas & The Crazy Kings
03 Rockin' Rollin' Stone
18 Cool As Me

CC Jerome Combo
04 Big Boss Man
14 Justine

Danny B. Harvey
05 All Night Truck-Stop
16 Travis Rag

The Weary Boys
06 Freight Train Blues
13 Lose One More Baby

Sean Reefer & The Resin Valley Boys
07 The Otherside
19 Diggin in the Dirt

Linda Kay y Danny B. Harvey
08 Ride Straddle Salon
15 He Spelled My Name Wrong

Lil' Luis y Los Wild Teens
09 Delincuente
21 Oye Mi Chiquita

Pep Torres
10 Nikki-Nikki
17 Lucky is On My Side

Los Skarnales
11 Doin' All Reet
22 El Tiburón

Hell Bound Hearse
12 If She's Willing
25 Psycho Satanicos

Stitch Hopeless and The Sea Legs
24 Welcome to the Nightmare

Phantom Rockers - Mexico / faixa 01 do cd


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