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Intestinal Disgorge - Drowned in Rectal Sludge

Intestinal Disgorge - Drowned in Rectal Sludge

01 Rectum Grinder
02 Plastered in Runny Filth
03 Toilet Intercourse
04 Bathing in Fecal Bathwater
05 Corrosion of Green Anal Walls
06 Gastrointestinal Splatter Spray
07 Gorging on Fizzing Malignant Entrai
08 Imbibing Rancid Micturation
09 Intestinal Collapse and Melting
10 Extensive Obliteration of the Rectal Orifice
11 Eploding Juice Cancerous Guts
12 Caked in Grimy Rectal Filth
13 Vomiting Rancid Grime
14 Sleeping in Grime-soaked Bedsheets
15 Swimming in Child Innards
16 Torrents of Disgusting Festering Purulency
17 Trembling in Torrents of Diarrhea
18 Life Story of a Coprophagiac
19 Soaking Wet With Urination
20 Disemboweled and Deliciously Barbecued
21 Foaming Genital Corpulence
22 Colonic Eruption
23 Butchered Rotting Human Carcasses
24 Soaked With Intestinal Chyme
25 Cascade of Gastrointestinal Crap
26 Bloody Feces Syndrome
27 Vomiting Fecel Paste
28 Face Down in a Toilet Full of Vomit and Feces
29 Grime
30 Pictures of Blistered Genitalia

Cascade of Gastrointestinal Crap / faixa 25 do cd



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