terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2009

The Meteors - Mental Instru Mental's

The Meteors - Mental Instru Mental's

01 Welcome to the Wrecking Pit
02 Night of the Werewolf
03 Theme from the Hypnotist
04 Eloctro II (Get Fucked)
05 The Life and the Times of Chameleon Head
06 The Jupiter Stroll (Stomp Don't Stroll)
07 Darkman and I
08 Ex-Man Boogie
09 Simply Ravishing
10 Electro III (Die Human Die)
11 The Return of the Ethel Mermen
12 And None Shall Live
13 Torture (Tiny's Tin)
14 Snake Eyes
15 Peter Gunn
16 Hell and Demnation (Meteors Won't Die)

You Want It



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