quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2009

The Waltons - The Spirit of Cowpunk

The Waltons - The Spirit of Cowpunk

01 Introduction
02 Lost, Found, & Prisonbound
03 The Waltons Have Been Here
04 Starry, Starry Night
05 My Honey
06 Can't Get You Off My Mind
07 The Little Ones
08 Sweet Ma Petite
09 Shoot Out in the Air
10 Love Me With the Knife
11 Frontier Pharmacist
12 Disbelieve in Me
13 Hear the Waltons' Call
14 It's Not the Fish, Baby
15 This One Is for You
16 Where Are We Now?


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barkingdog disse...

Thanks very much for this one.

Cheers...the dog!